Aloha and Welcome!

I was born in the central valley of California and moved to Hawaii when I was 13. I had been accepted to Mid Pacific Institue and had no idea that a photo class I took for the easy grade would change my life. Going to Sandy Beach just about every day with my friends my photo teacher lent me his Sony Cybershot camera and water housing. That afternoon after school we all went to Sandys and I snapped away. The next day our teacher asked if he could see what I shot. After taking a look he told me I needed to enter a few of these in to the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. I few weeks later I was notified that a few of my images were selected for the regional awards and one would go on to the national competition. One morning an envelope showed up at my door notifying me that I was one of these few selected out of 200,000 entries to win a gold key winners. That acheivement led me to my career today.


I went on to graduate from Brooks Institue of photography and took up an internship with the famed men's magazine Playboy. I learned so much from my time at Brooks and also my internship. I returned from Los Angeles to Hawaii and started my own freelance company. I have since joined forces with Hana Productions and head their drone division. Photography has given me so much already and I can't wait to see what the future holds. 


I have met so many amazing people along the way so far and I cant wait to meet and work with you all soon! Aloha!