Aloha and Welcome!


It all started in high school. Little did I know that the afternoon my photography teacher lent me his Sony cybershot water housing my life would change. After school my friends and I raced down to Sandy Beach on Oahu as we did a hundred times before. A short hour later I would take a photo that landed me a national award. From that moment I was hooked and wanted to somehow make this a career. 


This moment in time allowed me to take a job locally with Heavywater Magazine shooting skating. Like the moment in high school a friend randomly told me I should check out Brooks Institue in Santa Barbara. One day on campus was all it took and that next semester I was enrolled. My skill and knowledge of photography grew drastically. Jokingly I said to a career councilor that I wanted to get an internship at Playboy. 6 days later I was standing in Playboy West's Studio starting that internship I had thought wasn't a reality. There is no substitute for real world experience. Being involved in a multi-million dollar business creating content that millions would see was equally as important as all of the technical learning I received at Brooks. 


With all of these new experiences I said Aloha to Santa Barbara and headed back to Hawaii. I opened my own studio in 2015 and have been creating content on island ever since. The addition of drones in photography was a real game changer. Flying for the last 3 years I have gotten the opportunity to create content for local as well as international clients. To wake up every day and check the emails to see where the next job will take me is a true blessing. Hawaii is such a special place and to share that through photography is an honor. I truly love meeting all of the different people and creating unforgettable memories on these jobs. I hope we have a chance to work together!

 - Bayly  

Bayly Buck

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