BTS with Rachel Naluai!

Today I got to work for the first time with Rachel Naluai. We had gotten in contact through Facebook and had a lot of mutual friends. She said that she wanted to get back in to modeling and had photo concepts. We started with some loose concept photos and ventured off and came out with some amazing stuff. Here is a BTS (Behind the Scenes) look at our shoot including photos, lighting, and pose ideas.

 Rachel and Bayly Buck

Since Rachel had been out of the modeling game for a bit I decided to start her off with the simplest, most conservative, look. This is a good thing to do in general because without fail the first look, or at least the first 50 frames, won’t be as strong as the ones later on. Working with new people is tough for everyone and people are nervous and it shows in the first frames. Starting with this look helped Rachel to get in to the groove of shooting and once she did the results were amazing! The first look was a studio shot wearing boy shorts, heels, and a cropped sweater. I really wanted the lighting to be nice and even but directional. With a slight fill I could control exactly how much contrast I wanted. I used a parabolic umbrella and a softbox for the key lights and a strip light for the fill. We worked a bunch of different poses with this outfit. We did a series of full length images as well as 3/4 images. Each style was unique and we got some great looks. In the beginning we kept it very conservative but in the words of Rachel, “we need more boobage!” hahaha. Once the first few frames were out of the way her comfort level changed and she started giving me a lot of looks and each one was better than the last! We also decided to do an outfit change while keeping the same lighting. The only difference in these shots are there is less contrast. We did a “Sexy Secretary” type look and I thought the more glamour style of lighting. I told her to get in that role of “sexy secretary” and she killed it. She have me these looks that were awesome!


BTS cropped sweater BTS Rachel Naluai


We decided to change things up on the next look. We wanted to do a shot that looked like we were outdoors and being lit by the sun. It was more a fashion type look but still kept it sexy! The lighting of this shot is incredibly simple. I just used an 800w Alien Bee strop with a reflector attached and a parabolic umbrella to control the contrast. With a 2 light setup it is really easy to dial in the needed contrast. Instead of this look being all about the sexy stare we went for a more “high fashion” pose. I told her that this is a look where she could do really exaggerated poses. If it feels uncomfortable then it will probably look good on camera. We didn’t spend a lot of time on this pose because we knew what we wanted and she knocked it out of the park! This photo really has a Maxim Magazine feel and blends simplicity with sexy.


BTS Maxim Style


For our final look we went for something completely new and different. We swapped out background and brought in a black backdrop. Rachel put on a pair of jeans and rocked the topless jeans look. We kept this shot pretty glamorous with the lighting. Again just a 2 light setup in a calm shell setup. I just used a beauty dish with a diffuser and a strip light. We started with that lighting setup and did a bunch of looks and then we tried using just the beauty dish. Each had its benefits but in the end the one light setup gave us some amazing images! We did a mix of 3/4 shots showing the jeans and then a bunch of stylized head shots. We got creative with the crops and poses and we got probably some of the strongest head shots in my portfolio.


BTS Rachel N.


What started out being a 2 hour talked about shoot turned in to a 4.5 hour shoot. We started with a few looks and then one of us had an idea so we tried that. It is fun when there are no time constraints and people that are down to try different things. Creativity is such an awesome thing and when multiple people click possibilities are endless. We stuck around after the shoot and looked through all the images and I couldn’t stop hearing “I’m obsessed!” and “these are so great!” I couldn’t have asked for a better model today in Rachel and what we got was awesome! A lot of portfolio pieces were shot today for us both and we are planning another shoot soon! Be sure to follow Rachel Naluai on Instagram!

Hopefully you all have enjoyed this BTS (Behind the Scenes) look at the photoshoot with Rachel Naluai! To see more of her photos go to the portfolio sections of my site. Check out other BTS posts from more of my shoots! Thank you all for your support and keep checking back for more and more BTS posts, images, and videos!





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