BTS (Behind the Scenes) with Jodi Malinoski!

I had the pleasure of shooting with my good friend Jodi Malinoski and wanted to give you all a BTS (Behind the Scenes) look at our shoot. We got a lot of great photos and a great video as well. I will take you through our shoot and also share some lighting setups!


Jodi and I started talking again about doing another shoot. We always have such a great time together and come out with great images. When we started talking we knew we wanted to do something swimwear based. We both work a few bikini boutiques here on island and called our friend Ben over at Kaimana Beachwear to see if we could use some of his bikinis. He said of course and gave us a couple of new samples. Another thing we had talked about was shooting in Waikiki, the biggest tourist location on the whole island. We knew we could get a couple of great looks from Waikiki and then we were also lucky enough to use a home located at the base of Diamond Head. With all these great ideas we started our shoot in Waikiki.


Waikiki has some of the most awesome Banyan trees and visually they are awesome to shoot in and in front of. We found a really cool one by Publics Beach with no one around. Parking is always an issue in Waikiki so we pulled a sneaky move and just pulled in to a loading zone and put those warning lights on and ran out to shoot. The sun was pretty high already but with it shinning through the tree is gave a really nice spot light effect. Since Jodi and I have worked together a bit in the past she already knew what kind of poses I like so I didn’t need to give to much direction. I had her do a few looks intertwined in the hanging vines. With such a big a majestic tree this shot was so much better with a wider perspective rathe than a tight crop. We also used the vines as a something to hold on to and lean up against. Jodi knows how to work the angles and make sure we get the best angle of the bikini. This first location was so cool and the finished image was awesome! Lighting this scenes was incredibly easy as it was just natural light.


BTS Banyan Tree Waikiki BTS Banyan

After the Banyan tree we drove just down the way to the fountain that is at the very end of Waikiki. It is such a cool fountain and I drive by it every day and when Jodi said she wanted to shoot on it I was down immediately. Did I mention that parking in Waikiki is a pain in the ass haha! We couldn’t find parking obviously so we parked in this reserved stall at a condo complex and we were’t out of the car 30 seconds and some lady pulls in and get out of her car yelling. I ran over to a very unhappy lady and she was saying “ya this right here is not happening. How dare you just park in stalls etc etc etc.” Of course I moved the car politely but the kick was that it wasn’t even her stall!!! Since I couldn’t park there I just pulled in to a access lane haha. We weren’t to sure if we could legally use the fountain so we made this as quick as possible. I pulled out 1 800w Alien Bee with an open head to balance the light. The lighting had gotten even worse because it was in the middle of the day. Luckily enough it was enough backlit that by using a strobe I could get a nice exposure on Jodi and still make it look realistic. This shot was so much fun and thats what we set out to show. Jodi had this cool umbrella that really popped against the blue sky. I really let Jodi do whatever she wanted as far as posing go. I only told her to just make this shot fun and give off the impression of just an impromptu shoot. We got a lot of great frames from that and then I told her why don’t we try and shoot something a lot more contrasty. We walked around to the other side of the fountain and did a more “fashion” look. The sun was so harsh on her face but with the breeze blowing water towards the camera it gave a relatively low contrast photo. All of these looks took no longer than 10 minutes so ya we were in and out really quick. One thing that was really funny was that the minute we packed up and started walking to the car these two girls walked over and started their own little shoot with the fountain haha.

BTS Fountain Waikiki

BTS Fountain Waikiki

The final location was at a home at the base of Diamond Head. We originally wanted to use the pool but the light was so great on the porch that we decided to shoot their. Jodi switched to this white bikini with a white cover up and heels. We started sitting in this rocking chair and worked a few poses that gave off a real lifestyle feel. We didn’t need to spend to much time with that look because Jodi had a set of poses that she really wanted. After we got shots sitting in the chair I had her lean up against a railing and do the more “sexy” looks. The light was so great that no artificial light was needed. We tried a few poses sitting on the railing, some leaning up against the railing, and a some leaning against the column of the rail. The shots from this location were so great and we couldn’t have asked for better lighting conditions.

Jodi Malinoski Porch

Spending the day with Jodi was so much fun and we always have a great time working and hanging out together. The shoot was an awesome success and the BTS video was great too. Thank you so much to Kaimana Beachwear for lending us some bikinis to shoot with! Please go check them out and pick up a bikini or two! Don’t forget to check out more blog posts about BTS shoots I have done and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook! Also don’t forget to follow Jodi Malinoski on Instagram at jodilovechild. Thank you as well to Andrew Agcaoili for the BTS photos and video! Check out more of his videos on YouTube at Shibbystylee.

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