BTS with Kathleen Jensen Part 2


The second day Kathleen and I got together we decided to do something way different and that was to just walk around downtown shooting. We both hadn’t really done anything like that before so thought it would be pretty cool. We only had 2 outfits to shoot in but we made the most of them thats for sure!


We started out by walking a few blocks over to Maunakea Market and did a super nice headshot type photo up against a flower/lei stand. The natural light in the market was so incredibly nice. With the roof blocking us from the direct sunlight the incoming light from the door way gave great directional soft light. We did a few poses and and before we knew it we had a small crowd gathering around us. One part about shooting in the street and town is that everyone is curious as to what you are doing. It is like people have never seen a photo shoot before and probably a lot of them hadn’t. We moved just outside of the market and found a cool red gate to shoot in front of. Kathleen worked a few poses and we were out just as quick as we came! We kept our shooting time pretty short and did a great job of getting usable shots in a short amount of time.

Headshot of Kathleen Jensen

After the market we decided to try and get a cool shot of her in the middle of Hotel St. We had heard that people had been ticketed for walking in the middle of the street so we really only got one shot at it and we ended up getting one of my favorite shots that day. It is awesome to have the confidence in a model and know that since we have one shot at this I don’t need to direct the entire time. Kathleen and I ran out there and she worked it. She gave me so many nice looks in a row that it was hard to choose which shot to use. In the end we were INCREDIBLY happy with the final shot from that look!


Hotel St. and Kathleen Jensen


We walked back to the studio and she changed in to a different outfit. My brother said why not look at the alley right next to my door. We strolled outside and saw this really cool staircase and knew we had to shoot on it. First we did a few lower angle looks but then I had the idea of climbing up on top of the doorway and doing some higher camera angles looking down on her. The higher camera angle couldn’t have been better. It have me a chance to show her length and really have her use the stairs. Kathleen said we should do some straight on looks but higher up on the staircase. I continued to stand on the doorway and had her climb the stairs. Kathleen really knows how to shape her body to give the best angles. In no more than 10 minutes shooting higher up on the staircase we knew we had some great images.


Alley Stairs Kathleen JensenAlley Stairs Kathleen Jensen 2


Andrew (videographer) suggested we go the opposite direction towards Hawaii Theater to see what locations where that way. We walked by Du Vin restaurant and thought it would be amazing to do a shot just inside the restaurant. The lady standing at the front door, amazingly, said that they didn’t open for another 45 minutes so we could use the whole restaurant to shoot! The high top stools just inside the door were amazing. They were tall enough to help show her length but at the same time I could shoot wide enough to show the decor of restaurant behind her. The lights inside were bright enough that the balanced perfectly with the ambient. I didn’t have to take multiple exposure or under or over expose the image to capture their light. The resulting shot was awesome and couldn’t have asked for a better location. After the high top stools we went towards the back of the restaurant where is opens up to an open aired patio with the gorgeous tables and umbrellas. It really had the feel of a cafe in Paris. Right before we started shooting Kathleen and I agreed that this shot would be amazing in black and white. We only shot for maybe 5 minutes and knew we had the shot so we continued our journey.


Kathleen Jensen Du Vin 2Kathleen Jensen in Du Vin


The final location for the day was this really cool alley across from the old Indigo restaurant. It had rained a bit earlier that day which gave us these great puddles to work with. The sky had changed to a gloomy overcast and that really enhanced the alley feel. We had people standing at the entrance to the alley watching and asking questions. Some wanted to know if we needed any male models or could they hold the reflectors haha. At the beginning of the day it was a bit uncomfortable with people standing and staring but by the last location it didn’t phase anyone. We were so focused on getting good photos that those people seemed to disappear. After a brief shoot their we strolled back to the studio to take a look at the shots and a soda to finish off the shooting day.


Alley photo of Kathleen Jensen


Our shoot in Chinatown was awesome. Just like the first day we shot we had a blast together and we work together so well. We were a bit worried about the weather but in the end it all worked out and couldn’t have asked for better shots. It is really refreshing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. It never really crossed my mind that what was right out the door until she said she wanted to try. I was up the night before thinking about how embarrassing it is to shoot in the middle of a crowded place and having spectators but after the first look all those fears went away and it was just like shooting in the privacy of my own studio. I am so grateful to have an awesome, and gorgeous, friend like Kathleen that wants to shoot and do all sorts of funky concepts. I hope you all enjoyed the BTS (Behind the Scenes) video shot by Andrew Agcaoili (see more of his videos here)and the BTS post. Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook! Also, be sure to follow Kathleen on Instagram! If you haven’t already go check out my other blog post about the first part of Kathleen’s shoot with me. BTS (Behind the Scenes) with Kathleen Jensen PT 1

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