A BTS (Behind the Scenes) look at my photoshoot with Kathleen Jensen!

On August 26th and 31st I had the privilege of shooting with a long time friend and mainland model Kathleen Jensen. We had been talking about shooting for a long time but with her living in Salt Lake City, Utah it was a bit hard to get together. She told me she was returning home and should come up with some cool ideas for a shoot. I think we accomplished “cool” haha! Here is a BTS look out the first part of our shoot!

The first day we got together we had plans to do a nice clean white seamless set of both lingerie and casual wear. Starting with a simple background gave everyone a chance to get in to the rhythm of shooting which was a big help. We worked a series of poses with the casual wear and then got a little more creative with the lingerie outfit. Instead of having all standing poses we introduced a stool as a prop and had Kathleen work off of that. We got a lot of great images from those two outfits and even though they are simple in nature they are still incredibly strong images.

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's Casual Wear photo

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's Studio Fashion photo

At my studio I have access to an amazing roof with a great view of the skyline of downtown Honolulu. We really wanted to take a fashion direction with the next concept so Kathleen had black heels with a one-piece from American Apparel. We decided to go black and white for this next set as well. Kathleen has a very good idea of what she is looking for and does it. It is great to work with models that have a set direction and don’t need to take a lot of time coming up with poses. She made my job extremely easy and all I had to do was stand there and shoot photos. With a cluttered background like a skyline it is important to try and not have background elements cut through a model’s head. This isn’t always possible but if you can I would say do it. With a separation between the background buildings it was only natural that I would frame her in between them. To be honest we didn’t spend much time on the standing look because Kathleen had so many good poses in a row.

BTS ok Kathleen Jensen's Rooftop Fashion photo

We moved to another wall on the roof and had her lay on the ledge. Unlike the last location I didn’t have the option to frame Kathleen between buildings. What I really like about this photo is the combination of an urban city and fashion. The black and white gives a very vintage feel. Kathleen rattled off many great poses and we bounced other pose ideas off of each other and we came out with some really great images from the roof location.

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's City Fahsion photo

Laying amongst the buildings

We had a few more cool ideas so we left the studio and went to a house in Kahala, Oahu to use their pool, living room, and jungle area. We wanted to make good use of the day and get as many different looks as we could. We had already done the studio “catalog” look and a fashion look at the studio so the concepts for the home would be “lifestyle” and swimwear photos. The living room was a great location and combined with her informal casual outfit it came together really nice. I had moved some furniture out of the way and opened up a couch that was situated under a Hawaiian painting. I told Kat to just give me a few relaxed poses like this was your day off and lounging around. With some subtle laughing expressions and a laid back pose I think we really captured one aspect of life here on the islands. This was a super simple lighting setup which consisted of natural light with a slight fill. This shot did not need to be over lit and the natural light really adds to the lifestyle look.

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's Lifestyle photo

The next location we went to was out in the yard. The home has a corner that is filled with tropical trees and when shot correctly it gives off the impression of being in the jungle. Kat brought with her a few bikinis and we found one that went well with the jungle background. Posing for this was pretty straight forward. I had Kat give me a few looks pretending to be on an adventure in the jungle, a few “sexy” faces, and then just the fun laid back hanging out in the jungle look. This was another really easy lighting setup. It is a one light photo. A ring flash would have worked in this scenario but instead I went with a beauty dish directly over camera. This cut down on harsh shadows that a ring flash would have given off but wasn’t as soft as say a softbox or octabank. One really cool aspect of this shot was that we did it in 3D!! If you have some of those red and cyan 3D glasses bust um out and take a look! If you don’t, don’t worry I have the regular image too 🙂

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's 3D photo

The final location we did that day was one in the pool. I really wanted a nice beauty shot. This shot was supposed to be sexy but more of a beauty shot rather than the ultra sexy look. I had Kat stand on the second step of the pool and give me nice strong expressions. I didn’t want anything super smiley but that confident sexy look. Kat killed it and her expressions really made this shot. This photo is gorgeous and probably my favorite one we did that whole day. Lighting for this was again really simple and just involved one light. I used a giant parabolic umbrella feathered away from her face to give pretty even lighting on her face.

BTS of Kathleen Jensen's Pool photo

The first day we shot was a huge success and I can’t believe how many looks we got! I absolutely love Kat and it was so awesome to work with her. She knows exactly what she is doing and does it with ease. Kat has been a long time friend and finally getting to work with her was an honor. Not only did we love the images from this first shoot but we decided to get together a second time on her trip for an even crazier shoot! Check out the BTS part 2 of our shoot in!

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