The other day my friend Chloe and I set out to shoot some lifestyle swimwear shots. I had this cool path in mind in the middle of the jungle that would be perfect for this shot. Chloe and I have shot a bunch of times and we always get the best images so I knew this time would be no different. We got to the path and setup the lighting and did a few test shots. The lighting was really simple and looked great but for some reason just didn’t have the effect I wanted. I switched tactics and fired off a few test shots. Right after the test shots a phone call came through and we had to leave and I was kind of bummed that we didn’t get the shot but thats how it goes sometimes. When I got home I checked out the shots and sure enough one of the test shots of her not even posing was exactly what I was looking for. Again another successful photo mission with Chloe and this just goes to show that sometimes the shot you are looking for might be in the outtakes! I really love this image because of how simple it is and that it is totally un-posed. Thanks Chloe for always wanting to go shoot and hanging out!

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